Student Associations

Kinesiology and Physical Education Undergraduate Association (KPEUA)

The KPEUA is a recognized student society representing over 1,000 undergraduate students in the Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education. The association provides the ultimate student life experience, which includes various resources such as leadership opportunities, outreach and inclusivity in an equitable environment. We are committed to creating events and initiatives that encompass the interests of the student body in a transparent manner.

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Kinesiology and Physical Education Graduate Society (KPEGS)

KPEGS is the graduate student union for the Graduate Department of Kinesiology. KPEGS represents the approximately 70 graduate students on departmental councils and committees, at the Graduate Student Union, and in CUPE (the union for Teaching Assistants and Sessional Instructors).

KPEGS is an active participant within the faculty and in the community throughout the year, organizing activities such as:

  • Bodies of Knowledge Conference, the annual graduate student conference held each spring. The conference draws graduate students from throughout Ontario and across the country, and is an opportunity for students to present and receive feedback on their research.
  • Various charity events, including the Holiday Toy Drive for Sick Kids Hospital and charitable food drive events.
  • A variety of social events throughout the year, including a welcome event for graduate students each September, the Holiday Party in December and monthly/bimonthly coffee social breaks.

Interested in joining the executive committee? Contact KPEGS President Alexa Govette