Academic Planning

Cover of KPE Academic Plan

We are pleased to share our 2022-2027 Academic Plan, Transformation in Motion

Our Academic Planning Process

In Winter 2022, the Faculty embarked on a robust planning process to set our course for the next five years. We engaged our diverse KPE community in powerful, cross-cutting discussion groups and planning sessions involving faculty, staff, students, alumni and key partners.

Following weeks of scoping, environmental scans and planning, we set initial directions and aspirations, and entered into the second phase of the process called “pollination.” This exciting process brought our community together to share insights and ideas for in-depth discussion and consideration. Focus groups with key stakeholders including faculty, students, instructors, coaches, alumni and community members sparked conversations about the kind of impact we want to have. This process was guided by the following questions: 

  1. What do we want the world to know and do because of our knowledge production and mobilization?
  2. Where do we want to advance research, discovery and innovation?
  3. What could our collective impact be as a Faculty in providing rich, meaningful educational experiences through our academic and sport and recreation programming?
  4. What is the experience of belonging and community we want everyone who connects to KPE to have?
  5. What is our shared commitment to leadership for social change?

In the third phase, we held “strategy hives” with more than 500 faculty, staff, students, alumni and key partners to create a vision and directions for our future. An ambitious agenda emerged from this phase with areas of attention including:

  • Well-being and health that drives sustainability in every aspect - individual, community, and environmental
  • Safe, healthy, inclusive and joyful sport, from playground to podium
  • Critical health literacy
  • Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples
  • Advancements in treating and preventing illness and injury through movement
  • Preparing students as change leaders equipped to engage with the community with a full understanding of how to lead change

The final phase of the process involved “harvesting” information gleaned from the “strategy hives” to develop draft priorities, goals and objectives for further consultation.

    Our 2022-2027 Academic Plan

    The outcome of this extensive consultation process was a powerful commitment to a new vision statement, Excellence in Advancing Healthy Living Through Inclusive Movement.

    From this vision, four strategic foci emerged:

    1. Elevate health and well-being
    2. Ignite transformative inclusivity
    3. Foster innovation, discovery and achievement
    4. Activate partnerships and collaboration

    Over the next five years, we commit to contributing to a healthier, more just world by advancing the understanding of the fundamental relationships between movement and individual, community and environmental health and well-being.


    • We will enable accessibility, reconciliation, inclusivity, belonging and fulfillment.
    • We will be known as a place that encourages and supports innovation and discovery to cultivate the understanding of movement from “lab to life” in sport, physical activity, recreation, clinical and health promotion contexts.
    • We will be known as a place where people thrive.
    • We will advocate and mobilize knowledge, opportunities and resources to lead change, with a commitment to partnerships, collaborations and reciprocity in all that we do.