Bodies of Knowledge

The University of Toronto’s Kinesiology and Physical Education Graduate Society (KPEGS) will hold its annual Bodies of Knowledge (BOK 2023 conference on May 10, 2023.

About the Conference

BOK is a conference run by graduate students, for graduate students, covering a broad spectrum of inter and multi-disciplinary issues related to health, sport, and physical activity. All subject areas are encouraged to submit an abstract. BoK’s purpose is to provide early career researchers an opportunity to share research and engage in important conversations relevant to the field of kinesiology, sport, and physical education. 

The theme of Bodies of Knowledge 2023 is Re-thinking Research in a Post-Pandemic World. Given the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, numerous hospitals, clinics, and research settings were forced to shut down which adversely impacted many stakeholders including researchers, scientists, academics, and students. As such, many were forced to change and adapt their approach to research. Alongside such monumental changes to the world of research came growing distrust of the institution. The spread of misinformation amongst numerous media outlets in the age of COVID-19 and the rise in vaccine hesitancy justify the importance of knowledge translation: the practice of moving research from the laboratory and research journals into the hands of people and organization who can put it into practical usee. 

To accomplish this objective and foster reflexive awareness, the conference features keynote speakers and student panelists specializing in knowledge translation and implementation sciences.

Who Should Attend?

The 2023 BOK conference is open to all graduate students (research and professional) and researchers. Programmers, policymakers and others are also encouraged to attend. 

The cost to register has been kept minimal through the gracious support of the Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education and the U of T KPE Graduate Society.   


Conference Programme


Get in Touch

For more information and to register, please visit the 2023 Bodies of Knowledge Conference website.

Questions? Looking to get involved?

Please e-mail BOK Coordinators, Rozhan Momen ( or Elia Rishis (