Minor in Global Leadership


Now, more than ever, the world needs principled, inclusive, and empathetic global leaders. The Minor in Global Leadership is U of T’s first tri-campus, interdivisional, multidisciplinary undergraduate community of diverse and globally agile, problem solvers and launched in September 2023. It will leverage the strengths of the University of Toronto’s three campuses, the diversity of the student body, experiential learning, and opportunities for global engagement, both locally and abroad.

Check out the Global Experiences website for more information about the courses, mode of program delivery and learning outcomes for the Minor in Global Leadership.


Eligibility and How to Apply

The Minor in Global Leadership encourages a diverse pool of applicants and strongly welcomes applications from Indigenous Peoples, Black and racialized persons, women, persons with disabilities, people of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities, people from varying faith groups, and/or students who are economically disadvantaged or first in their family to attend university.

The program is open to all U of T undergraduate students who: 

  • have second year standing by the time of course enrolment for Fall 2024
  • have a modified GPA of 2.7 (B-/70%) based on a student’s top 3.0 FCEs  
  • are enrolled at Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education (KPE)

Previous leadership experience is not a requirement. There are many ways to understand leadership and gain experience as a part of this program.

Applicants are encouraged to have:

  • An interest in the study of leadership, global and cultural perspectives
  • A willingness to engage with students from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and disciplines of study

  • Apply from March 1 – June 17, 2024 at 11:59 PM EXTENDED DEADLINE
  • Check results between June 21 - June 29, 2024
  • Enrol by July 9, 2024

Step 1: Submit a request on ACORN

  1. Log on to ACORN
  2. Select Academics – Enrol & Manage – Program
  3. Select “Add a Program”
  4. Enter the Program code: PEMINGLOB
  5. Confirm your request
  6. If the status next to the program code changes to “REQUESTED – you have applied for admission to this Program”, you have successfully completed Step 1.

Step 2: Provide supplemental information

  1. Submit your supplementary application by May 10, 2024 at 11:59 pm EST.

Step 3: Check results of your requests to see if you have been invited to enrol in the Minor in Global Leadership

  1. Beginning on the “Check Results” date listed above, log on to ACORN
  2. Select Academics – Enrol & Manage – Program.
  3. A list of your programs will appear.
  4. Check the status next to your program. If the status is:
    • INVITED – You have been offered admission to this program and you can move onto the next step
    • REFUSED – You have been denied admission into this program
    • REQUESTED – Check back again. Your program request is being processed by the department.

Step 4: Accept the invitation to enrol in the Minor in Global Leadership

  1. If you have been INVITED, you can accept or decline the invitation in ACORN by July 7, 2024.
  2. If the status next to the program code changes to:
    • ACTIVE – you are enrolled in this program and you have successfully completed all the steps to enrol.
    • To decline an invitation to enrol simply select “DELETE”

Course Requirements

Students in the Minor in Global Leadership will complete 3 core global leadership courses in sequence, plus elective courses within each participating division:

  • GLB201H5 (0.5 FCE) Global Leadership: Past, Present, Futures: YEAR 2
  • GLBC0H3 (0.5 FCE) Global Leadership: Theory, Research, and Practice: YEAR 3
  • GLB401Y1 (1.0 FCE) Global Leadership: Capstone Project: YEAR 4
  • Divisional course electives (2.0 FCE): YEAR 2-4


  • KPE 300 Physical Culture and Social Inequality
  • KPE 302 Media, Health and Exercise Sciences
  • KPE 305 Geographies and Environments of Health and Physical Cultures
  • KPE 307 Olympic and Paralympic Studies
  • KPE 321 Population Health
  • KPE 335 Sports Law
  • KPE 355* Interpersonal Theory in Kinesiology & Physical Education
  • KPE 401 International Development Through Sport
  • KPE 403 Gender/s, Sexualities and Sport
  • KPE 404 Illness, Disease and Physical Culture
  • KPE 405 Race, Indigeneity and Physical Culture
  • KPE 406 Sport in Popular Culture
  • KPE 408 Sport and the “War on Terror”
  • KPE 409 Sport, Physical Activity and Human Rights
  • KPE 455* Kinesiology & Physical Education in Society
  • KPE 495* Independent Study

* Courses with an asterisk have varying topics and will only count towards the Global Leadership Minor if the focus of study/in-field experience is on an international, global or Indigenous topic.


No. Elective courses used for the Minor in Global Leadership cannot also be used toward the Certificate in Global Kinesiology & Physical Education.