Brand Resources

The manner in which we communicate shapes perceptions of our faculty and university. Consistent use of the Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education's (KPE) academic brand creates cohesion across our communications and helps to strengthen and enhance our reputation.

These resources have been developed to provide specific direction for materials created to promote the KPE's academic programs and initiatives and are intended for use by KPE staff and faculty.

Please direct questions and requests for usage or approval of any of the brand elements to KPE Communications.


Visual Identity Guidelines

Please review the visual identity guidelines for detailed information on correct usage of the brand elements. 

button with text 'download KPE's academic visual identity guidelines'

Faculty Signature

The faculty signature adheres to the standard format used by all academic units at the University of Toronto and should not be altered in any way.

faculty logo displayed in blue, in black, and in white on a blue background

The signature is available to download in three colours:


To request the signature in another format or at a higher resolution, please contact KPE Communications.

KPE @ U of T Sign-Off Circle

The Sign-off Circle is an integral component of the brand and it firmly anchors KPE at the University of Toronto. It was chosen for several reasons: a circle implies movement, is a symbol of wholeness and inclusion and has great meaning in Indigenous cultures (e.g. healing circles, medicine wheels, etc.).

orange KPE sign off circle and sample applications

The Sign-off Circle should only be placed in the bottom right corner of the creative and must appear in full. Available in EPS and PNG formats, it is a specifically designed piece of artwork and should never be recreated or modified in any way. Please direct requests for the Sign-off Circle to KPE Communications.

Colour Palette

The KPE colour palette is firmly rooted in University of Toronto’s official colour, Pantone® 655 (dark blue). KPE Orange, Pantone® 021 complements it and represents creativity, enthusiasm, happiness, determination, success, encouragement and stimulation — all values associated with KPE.

5 colour swatches of brand colour palette with associated PMS, RGB and hex values


In accordance with the University of Toronto's visual identity guidelines, the official typeface for KPE is Trade Gothic. Bembo is the secondary font but should only be used sparingly for body text only.

In the case that Trade Gothic is not available (e.g. inter-office documents, email signatures, PPT slides, etc.), please substitute Arial Narrow or Helvetica Medium Condensed. Trade Gothic is typically used for headlines, titles and signage. 
If Bembo is not available, Times New Roman should be substituted for body copy.

sample text showing application of Trade Gothic in different weights


Gestures are a graphic element of KPE's academic brand. These quickly-sketched studies of human figures in motion capture the essential movement of a subject in its most distilled form.

Use multiple gestures in sequence to convey a sense of motion. Please contact KPE Communications if you have questions about how to apply a sequence in a particular context. 

sketched illustration of human figure running

All gestures are specifically drawn, original pieces of artwork and should never be recreated or modified in any way. They are available in EPS and PNG formats. Please direct requests for a gesture sequence to KPE Communications.


phrase in orange text: how we move.

KPE's tagline is "How we move." It may be used on faculty promotional materials wherever it is deemed appropriate.

KPE's tagline lends itself to the multidisciplinary lenses of the Faculty. It can refer to biophysical or mechanical qualities — literally the ‘how’ of movement — as well as physical, cultural and behavioural lenses of focus (e.g. How we move policy; How we move public understanding of physical activity). 

Questions and Requests

Please direct questions and requests for usage or approval of any of the brand elements to KPE Communications.