Get Involved

If you’re looking to get involved and give back to the Varsity Blues, we have plenty of opportunities to choose from, including:

T-Holders’ Association
The T-Holders’ Association is an active volunteer group that represents all sports. Its purpose is to develop and assist general athletic and alumni programs. The men’s and women’s associations were combined into a single body in 2004. A T-Holder is an individual who has won a U of T athletic letter (i.e., a T). The latest T-Holders’ business can be found in the minutes of the latest annual meeting

Many Varsity programs have alumni groups of "Friends" who organize activities to support a specific sport. Some of these groups have established their own web booster pages. For links to sites, please see visit the Varsity Blues website.

Alumni have representative positions on the Council of Athletics and Recreation, the U of T Sports Hall of Fame Selection Committee, the Awards Committee and more. Alumni representation is also sought for special projects such as task forces and search committees. If you would like to volunteer your time and talent, please contact for more information.

Student Recruitment
Alumni are always encouraged to assist the Faculty in identifying and recruiting promising student-athletes. In some sports informal networks have been established to facilitate this process.

Event Assistance
The experience and knowledge of alumni is often called upon to assist in staging intercollegiate meets and tournaments. Support may take the form of officiating, promoting or event-related hospitality functions, to name a few.

Organize a Reunion or Social Event
Want to get together with your old teammates? We can help you hold a reunion or golf tournament by providing mailing lists, telephone numbers and guidance. Reunions may happen anytime through out the year. Alumni and teams are encouraged to celebrate their special dates and to think about including the current team in their plans. This can be accomplished by planning the event around a Varsity game or by inviting coaches and athlete representatives to the function. Contact us at for more information.