Concussion Clinic

At David L. MacIntosh Sport Medicine Clinic, we have dedicated clinical services for concussion, which are available to adolescents and adults who have sustained (or suspected to have) a sport- or exercise-related concussion within the last 6 months.

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Clinical Model

Our clinical model consists of an inter-disciplinary healthcare team, and the multiple disciplines often work together with the patient and family in the management and rehabilitation from concussion.

In our model, the sport physician is the medical professional who can be thought of as the 'captain' or 'quarterback' of the rerun to activity team. This type of doctor provides the ultimate advice as to whether the patient can (or should) return to activity (e.g., school, sports, or both). Typically, however, the doctor will consult with and/or rely on other team members for their input as well. Importantly, because concussion symptoms can mimic other medical conditions, the physician also evaluates and monitors for this possibility.

A therapist (frequently a physiotherapist or athletic therapist) is a trained expert in preventing, recognizing, managing and rehabilitating injuries that result from physical activity or sport. For patients with concussions, the therapist may provide neck therapy, balance and eye-tracking therapy, as well as implementing a standardized progression of exertion are all components of their profession.

The kinesiologist is a licensed healthcare professional who is trained in the assessment of a person's movement and performance and use of exercise prescription for rehabilitation purposes.  At the MacIntosh Clinic, a consultation with our registered kinesiologist is a 60-minute functional assessment who will provide an opinion and/or treatment recommendation to referring physician, as well as education to the patient.  Functional assessment will include behavioural performance and exertional stress testing.

    We also have access and relationships with other health professionals which may be required in the concussion evaluation and rehabilitation process. These professionals may include optometrists with concussion expertise, neuropsychologists, neurologists, occupational therapists, osteopathic treatments, etc.

    Return-to-Activity Guidelines

    At the MacIntosh Clinic, we have developed "return-to-activity" guidelines that include returning individuals with to concussion to "school", "sport/physical activity", "work", and "social". Our concussion clinic is committed to evaluating and managing concussed patients using a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach.

    Programs for Schools & Sport Organizations

    As part of our clinical model for concussion, we work with various schools and sport organizations in developing and maintaining a comprehensive strategy. These services may include educational/workshop sessions, baseline testing, or medical management for their students or participants. Please contact the clinic or email if you are interested in these initiatives.


    In addition to clinical care, the Faculty is home to a concussion research program, the focus of which includes the pathophysiology and diagnosis of concussion in sport and physical activity, rehabilitation (cognitive, emotional, physical/somatic, sensory) and the prevention of concussion in sport and physical activity. 

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