About the Faculty

Our Mission

At the Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education, we develop, advance and disseminate knowledge about physical activity, health and their interactions through education, research, leadership and the provision of opportunity.

We fulfill concomitant responsibilities to be the University of Toronto’s vehicle for excellent research, undergraduate and graduate degree programs in our disciplinary areas; to deliver a huge slate of co-curricular physical activity and sports programs; and, to provide the opportunities and supports for students from all divisions and campuses to represent the University of Toronto as Varsity Blues athletes.

We embrace this multi-faceted mission.


Our vision

We aim to achieve international recognition for our excellence in research, teaching, and practice and for inspiring our University community and nation to achieve higher levels of engagement in healthy physical activity and sports.


Our Values

While achieving this vision, our decisions and actions will be guided by and consistent with the values of integrity, respect, equity and diversity, leadership and excellence.