Learning Abroad Options

To support the safety, wellbeing & academic planning of students, the University of Toronto has made the decision to cancel outbound exchange for the Winter 2021 Term. Summer exchange and exchange for the 2021/2022 academic year is expected to continue at this time.

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Some of the most valuable learning happens beyond our walls, and we encourage all students to take advantage of the many international opportunities available. Dive into an exciting learning adventure! It will enable you to shape how you see and relate to the world.

When can I go?

You can do multiple learning abroad opportunities throughout your time at U of T. You can go for as little as a few days to a full-academic year. You can go on exchange to a partner university at any time, but it’s recommended to go in the winter term of the 3rd year. You can also take courses or do research abroad in the summer for a few weeks.

Where can I go and what can I study?

You’ll find learning abroad opportunities in over 40 different countries and in various areas of interest. You can also take the opportunity to improve your language skills or explore a new topic.

KPE 401 - International development through sport

KPE offers a 6-week summer course in Sports for Development including a 2-week field trip in Jamaica. Check out our web page for more information about the program.

course Exchange programs

Below are listed some popular destinations for exchange with examples of courses. Exchange programs don’t have program fees and tuition is paid to U of T. A full listing of learning abroad opportunities can be found at the Learning Abroad website.

Founded in 1425, KU Leuven is one of Europe’s most innovative universities and world's top 10 in Sports. Some courses offered in English are below and you can also do a research internship during one or two semesters. Check out a cool video from KU Leuven and find more information about the program here

  • Social Movement Sciences
  • Developmental Movement Sciences
  • Training and Coaching Swimming
  • Public Policy and Organization of Sport
  • Sport Management and Marketing
  • Sociocultural Analysis of Sports and Leisure
  • European Sports History

Experience the interdisciplinary and innovative approach of the Sport Science & Management program in a beautiful and green campus. More information here.

  • Fundamentals of Sport Injuries
  • Physical Activity and Leisure for Special Populations
  • Environmental Exercise Physiology
  • Sport Nutrition 
  • Sport Marketing and Sponsorship
  • Seminars in Current Issues of Sport
  • Management of Sport Organizations
  • Sport Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Sport and Culture in Singapore: A Sociological Perspective
  • Sport in Society 

Broaden your knowledge of the management and delivery of international sport, fitness and exercise in Ireland’s global and largest University. More information here.

  • Illness and Injury in Sport
  • Optimization of Human Performance
  • Exercise in the Life Span
  • Nutrition for Health and Exercise 
  • Financial Management of Sport
  • Sports Management
  • Information Technology
  • Sports Marketing
  • Economics of Sport
  • Digital Sports Marketing 

Experience a science-based program and state-of-art Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences facilities. More information here.

  • Exercise Metabolism
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Motor Control in Sports
  • Human Cardiovascular & Respiratory Control in Exercise
  • Environmental Physiology
  • Sport Psychophysiology 

Study in one of the world’s top 20 universities and in the historic heart of Edinburgh. More information here.

  • Motor Control
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Environmental Physiology
  • Exercise Prescription for Rehabilitation
  • Children’s Health and Wellbeing
  • Physical Education Perspectives
  • Managing the Coaching Process​​​​​​
  • Sports Development
  • Sport, Media and Society
  • Sports and Recreation: Operations Management
  • Understanding Physical Culture: Philosophical and Sociological Perspectives 

Explore and study in Dunedin, a city with vibrant student life surrounded by stunning scenery. More information here.

  • Performance Analysis
  • Skill Acquisition across the Lifespan
  • Athletic Conditioning and Rehabilitation
  • Coaching, Leadership and Mentoring
  • Active Living and Environment
  • Exercise for Clinical Populations
  • Sport and Health Policy
  • Sport Development and Management
  • Sport Media
  • Sport Technology

Ranked 2nd in the world, the School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences is located in the beautiful St. Lucia campus. More information here.

  • Motor Control & Learning
  • Health & Fitness through Diet & Exercise
  • Teaching Games and Sport
  • Supportive Learning Environments
  • Literacy and Numeracy in Health and Physical Education
  • Youth, Sport and Physical Culture
  • The Olympic Movement & Society
  • Sports Leadership in Diverse Communities
  • Sport and Physical Activity in Society: Historical to Contemporary Perspectives
  • History of Sport and Physical Activity in Australian Society

summer research Exchange programs

You can get hands-on research experience abroad and receive 1.0 FCE. Research placements are full-time and last between 8 and 12 weeks. You pay tuition to U of T (no program fees) and there is $ 3,000 in funding. On top of that, you can also apply for needs-based funding (IE Awards) and the Globalink Research Awards.

Located in beautiful Munich, TUM is one of the first universities in Germany to be named a University of Excellence. The projects available in Sports and Health Sciences are:

  • Human Robotics: Neuromechanics and Motor Control
  • Nature as an anxiety buffer
  • Dialysis Training- Therapy/ Substudy: physical activity patterns during and after study enrolment
  • Plasticity of Human Energy Expenditure (PHEE): Contribution of Skeletal Muscle and Adipose Tissue to Whole-Body Metabolic Rate
  • Motor Control and Perception for Object Manipulation

More information on requirements and application here.

Strathclyde is a leading research university located in the heart of Glasgow, Scotland’s biggest city. The projects available in Sport and Physical Activity are:

  • The validity of the activpal in measuring posture, physical activity and sleep in 1-18month olds: a lab-based study
  • Lifestyle interventions (diet and physical activity) to combat the effects of ageing on the musculoskeletal system
  • Exploring the effect of breaking up sedentary behaviour on objective continuously measured physical behaviours, glucose, heart rate and blood pressure

More information on requirements and application here.

University of Toronto Summer Abroad

The Summer Abroad is a fee-paying program that offers U of T students the chance to complete a full-year Arts & Science credit overseas in 4-6 weeks. For more information, please visit the University of Toronto Summer Abroad website.

Can I get credits?

You can transfer credits back to U of T as KPE or elective courses. The course equivalency will be pre-assessed after you discuss your study plan with a KPE advisor. Make sure you start this process as early as possible for a well-designed study abroad plan and successful transfer credit.

Can I get funding?

There are several funding opportunities available. If going on an exchange program, you can apply for needs-based funding – IE Awards from the Centre for International Experience. You may also be eligible for IE Awards+ if going on any activity organized by U of T (e.g. faculty-led program, research placement, Summer Abroad program). Summer research exchange programs offer $ 3,000 in funding and there is also the Globalinks Research Award (GRA). You can find more information on funding at the Learning Abroad website.

How and when do I apply?

You’ll need to submit your resume and transcript, and answer some questions on your motivation to go abroad. Applications are done through CIE Exchange Portal and you’ll find more information about the process here. We also recommend doing a study plan with the courses you intend to take. Make sure you discuss this with your advisor at KPE for pre-assessment.

Application deadlines:

Summer (Round 1): Dec 3, 2020

Fall and Full Year: Jan 14, 2021

Summer (Round 2): Feb 18, 2021

Winter: Apr 1, 2021

Applications are done online and run from December to February. There is a $200 application fee and bursaries and awards are available to partially cover the program costs. For more information on the application process and deadline, please visit the Summer Abroad website.

Why learning abroad?

With businesses, economies and communities interconnected, an international experience will put you on top of your game. As you learn to navigate and live out of your comfort zone, this invaluable experience will boost your academic profile and provide a professional advantage by giving your resume an international edge. Become a global citizen while gaining hands-on experience in your field. 

You will be exposed to different cultures, backgrounds, and forms of teaching by studying alongside an international community of students and professors. You’ll learn to bridge cultural divides while honing your ability to adapt, connect and work with individuals and groups from around the world. Not only will you gain global experience, but you will also acquire a global perspective.

Connect with us

Early planning is required for a successful learning abroad experience. Connect with us at international.kpe@utoronto.ca.