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Discover the world of badminton with our beginner-friendly class! This program is designed for individuals with limited exposure to badminton teaching or coaching, who aspire to learn the fundamentals of the sport. Participants will receive instruction in basic badminton skills, including proper grips, serving, fundamental footwork, correct swings, and essential shots such as the clear, drop, lift, and net. The objective of this program is for all participants to competently play half-court singles by the program's conclusion. Our coaches are friendly, patient, and attentive, ensuring a positive learning experience for all participants. Whether you're new to badminton or looking to brush up on your skills, our instructional sessions are designed to meet your needs. While some equipment is provided, bringing your own is recommended for a personalized experience. Get ready to enjoy the thrill of badminton while building a solid foundation!


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Athletic Centre, Upper Gym & Sports Gym

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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

4:30-5:50 p.m (Sports Gym)



Participants are asked to wear comfortable athletic attire in all registered activities. Athletic shoes with non-marking shoes are required in activity areas.