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Sport & Rec offers a wide selection of group workouts that cater to all skill levels from beginner to advanced. Group workouts are suitable for all and our expert instructors will be able to adapt to all levels within the class. From group fitness workouts like HIIT to dance and movement-based ones like Cardio Dance Party and Yoga, these workouts are easy to fit an active lifestyle into your busy schedule

Fall 2022 Group Fitness Schedule

Effective September 12, 2022

graphic with Fall 2022 group fitness schedule outlined in chart


Any upcoming adjustments to the group fitness schedule will be listed below by program:


Big HIIT: Monday October 10, 2022 - Classes cancelled for Thanksgiving


Cardio Dance Party: Monday October 10, 2022 - Classes cancelled for Thanksgiving

​​IMPACT Training: 

Olympic Weightlifting: Monday October 10, 2022 - Classes cancelled for Thanksgiving

​​​​Mindful MomentsYoga: Monday October 10, 2022 - Classes cancelled for Thanksgiving


Come and join a group fitness workout!

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women stretching in a yoga class girl dancing in fitness class



A low-impact, high-intensity workout that features a combination of elements of ballet, yoga, and Pilates for a full-body sculpting workout.

Mindful Moments Yoga

Be more calm, confident and centred with a class that supports core strength, flexibility and mind-body connection.

Cardio Dance Party

A dynamic dance fitness workout that combines elements of dance and to give you an energizing cardio workout that feels like a fitness party and celebration!

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running on a track Vogue dance class


Run Club

Are you interested in running? Check out the U of T Run Club. All paces welcome, no registration required. Click pic above or link below for more info!


Vogue Dance Class - Coming October 5!

Werk it and practice the 5 elements of Vogue dance in this class where you can find your fierce and let it shine!


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Build strength with our signature programs & coaching:

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coach training student using battle ropes

Big HIIT - Coming back Fall 2022!

Get ready to sweat! HIIT alternates short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with recovery periods. Push yourself with this high-intensity workout.


IMPACT Training - Coming back Fall 2022!

Train like an athlete even if you aren't one! 

IMPACT stands for Integrated Movement, Performance, Agility and Conditioning Team. Detailed programming and a personalized coaching experience, combined with the comradery of a team will have you training like a pro in no time.


Whether your goals are related to performance for sport or performance for life, IMPACT Training is for you!

Olympic Weightlifting - New for Fall 2022!

Learn, develop or fine-tune your lifting technique as you build the strength to move barbells like a champion. 

Personal Training

Crush your personal fitness goals with 1 on 1 coaching with our expert trainers. Whether you want to learn the basics, improve you aerobic capacity, build strength or train for a specific goal, we are here for you with personalized plans and coaching!

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