Launch to Leadership

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Launch to Leadership assists U of T students in gaining health and fitness certifications for employment within the sport and recreation field. All are welcome to apply, but priority will be given to women and those from underrepresented populations (e.g. the LGBTQ2S+ community, those with disabilities, racialized groups, Indigenous populations, international students; and those with low socioeconomic backgrounds).

Successful applicants will be eligible for partial to full reimbursement for certification courses such as Standard First Aid, Fitness Instructor Certifications, Aquatic Leadership Qualifications, and Personal Training. Certification courses offered within U of T Sport & Rec will be given preference.

There are a range of roles in sport and recreation that require certifications, from aquatic instructor to personal trainer. 
Get a better understanding of the types of roles available and their certification requirements so you can plan your path to certification!

Or, explore the certification courses offered by Sport & Rec

The Launch to Leadership program is open to current U of T students enrolled in part-time or full-time studies. Limited spaces are available.


due to covid-19, u of t sport & rec is planning to reopen applications for the 2021/2022 school year.

please check back for more updateS.

(Updated March 2021)

After filling out the Launch to Leadership application form, a staff member will contact you to confirm details and provide available course options to register in.

There are 5 easy steps to qualify for reimbursement after you've been contacted by our staff: 

1) Register and pay for the course.

2) Attend & pass the course.

3) Provide proof of certification.

4) Complete our follow up survey. 

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