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Spring and Summer 2023 Junior Blues Aquatics registration will open on April 12th at 7 am. 



Important update to Junior Blues Aquatics Programs


The Canadian Red Cross has made a decision to wind down its involvement in all swim programming in order to direct more attention to surging humanitarian demands in other areas. 

Junior Blues Aquatics is excited to announce that we will be offering a customized Swim for Life program for our swimmers starting Fall 2022. Our easy-to-follow progressions and levels that flow seamlessly into each other will develop solid water safety skills, swimming strokes, and lifesaving knowledge for our Junior Blues swimmers. Our classes will take you from caregiver and tot to six preschool and 10 Swim for Life levels through to Intro to Competitive Swim, Bronze courses and beyond!

Please refer to the link below for the level conversion chart and make sure to check out our new level descriptions and prerequisites on the pages below. 


More information about the Junior Blues program can be found at the following links:

Junior Blues policies including supervision requirements, age guidelines, facility access, refunds, transfers, receipts.

Junior Blues FAQs including information on waitlists, space availability and more.

Junior Blues information on how to register including registration forms for in-person and mailed registrations. To register for a swimming program online click on the learn more button below or, go directly to the online registration system.

More information about the Camp U of T program can be found at the following links.

Camp U of T general policies including age guidelines, refunds, and transfer information.

Camp U of T general FAQs and other information such as the Camper Code, supervision ratios, pre and post camp supervision, swimming and more.

Camp U of T information on how to register including registration forms for in-person and faxed registrations. To register for Aquatics MultiSport camp online click on the learn more button below or, go directly to the online registration system.


Junior Blues Swim Adapted

Ages 3-12


Every child should have an opportunity to learn to swim! Children with exceptionalities (neurodiverse children, children with physical disabilities, as well as children with developmental and/or emotional delays) are encouraged to register in the Junior Blues Swim Adapted. 

Junior Blues Swim Caregiver and Tot

Ages 6 months - 3 years

The primary goals of this class are basic water orientation and having fun with a caregiver (1:1).

Junior Blues Swim for Life

Ages 5 - 14

Lifesaving Society's Swim for Life customized 10-level program. Children learn to swim, be fit, and stay safe in a fun environment that promotes achieving a personal best and celebrates personal success.

Junior Blues Swim Preschool

Ages 3 to 5

These customized Lifesaving Society's preschool levels are unparented; children participate independently.  Children build swimming skills and learn age-specific water safety.

Junior Blues Swim Private Lessons

Ages 5 - 17

Private swimming lessons are offered in 30-minute sessions and are tailored to the swimmer's specific needs. 

Junior Blues Swim Specialty

Ages 8 - 15

Look here for swimming courses to further challenge children's swimming abilities. Courses include: Intro to Competitive Swim and Bronze Star.


Summer Camp - Aquatics MultiSport

Experience the wide world of activities available in the pool!