Scott Thomas

Scott Thomas, Professor Emeritus, Exercise for Health & Performance

  • Professor Emeritus
55 Harbord Street, Toronto, ON M5S 2W6

About Scott

Academic Training

PhD, University of Western Ontario, 1985

MSc, University of Western Ontario, 1980

BSc, University of Western Ontario, 1978

Research Interests

Increasing access to cardiovascular health

The role of exercise and kinesiologists in health care

Exercise and performance

Selected Publications

LE Auger, SG Thomas, S Fischer, L Smith, J Armstrong, RM Dar, J Srbely (2023) Healthcare Professionals’ Insights on the Integration of Kinesiologists into Ontario’s Health System. Translational Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine 8 (4), 1-6

E Whyte, J Larkin, S Thomas (2023) Kinesiologists in Clinical Exercise Interventional Research for Stroke and Coronary Artery Disease: A Scoping Review. Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, 1-10

ML Avila, RF Bentley, D Bastas, LR Brandão, JE Schneiderman, L Ward, G Wong, S Stephens, K Liu, S Thomas (2023) Unraveling the pathophysiology of lower-limb postthrombotic syndrome in adolescents: a proof-of-concept study. Blood Advances 7 (12), 2784-2793

E Whyte, S Thomas, S Marzolini (2023) Muscle oxygenation of the paretic and nonparetic legs during and after exercise in chronic stroke: Implications for mobility. PM&R 15(10), 1239-1248

RG Peiris, H Ross, CT Chan, S Poon, BL Auguste, VE Rac, M Farkouh,  M McDonald, J Kaczorowski, J Code, JD Posada, S Ong, J Kobulnik, G Tomlinson, E Huszti, J Arcand, SG Thomas, A Akbari, R Maunder, S Grover, E Seto, A Simard, B Pope, M Bains, C McIntyre, C Torbay, F Syed, R P Nolan (2022) Automated digital counselling with social network support as a novel intervention for patients with heart failure: protocol for randomised controlled trial. BMJ Open 12 (9), e059635

J Larkin, L Vanzella, S Thomas, TJF Colella, P Oh (2022) Breast cancer survivors’ physical activity and experiences while transitioning to a virtual cardiovascular rehabilitation program during a pandemic (COVID-19). Supportive Care in Cancer 30 (9), 7575-7586

LM Vanzella, GLM Ghisi, TJF Colella, J Larkin, LCM Vanderlei, S Marzolini, S Thomas, P Oh (2022) Physical Activity Level and Perspectives of Participants Transitioning from Onsite to Virtual Cardiac Rehabilitation during the Early COVID-19 Pandemic: A Mixed-Method Study. Journal of Clinical Medicine 11 (16), 4838

J Larkin, E Whyte, SG Thomas (2022) Kinesiologists in Clinical Exercise Interventional Research for Patients with Cancer: A Scoping Review. Quest 74 (3), 221-233

S Jha, N Stogios, AS de Oliveira, S Thomas, RP Nolan (2022) Getting into the zone: a pilot study of autonomic-cardiac modulation and flow state during piano performance. Frontiers in Psychiatry 13, 853733

Supervised Theses

Please note: Professor Thomas is no longer accepting graduate students.

MSc (completed)

John, N (2022) Investigation Of Modern Basketball Movement Demands By Film Analysis To Inform Training Interventions.
Larkin J, MSc, (2021) Breast Cancer Patients’ Experiences While Transitioning to a Virtual Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Program During a Pandemic (COVID-19)
Whyte E, MSc, (2021) Muscle Oxygenation of the Paretic and Nonparetic Legs Measured During Arterial Occlusion and Exercise in Chronic Stroke

PhD (completed)

Rupf, R. PhD. (2021) Assessing the Validity and Reliability of using one Inertial Measurement Unit to Measure Wheelchair Kinematics on Elite Wheelchair Court Sport Athletes
Bonsignore A. PhD. (2021) Cardiovascular Disease Risk and Cardio-oncology Rehabilitation Exercise (CORE) Referral in Breast Cancer Survivors   
Rosenblat M PhD. (2021) Programming Interval Training to Optimize Endurance Sport Performance