Lynda Mainwaring

Lynda Mainwaring, Associate Professor, Sport Concussion

  • Associate Professor, Sport Concussion
55 Harbord Street, Toronto, ON M5S 2W6

About Lynda

Academic Training

C. Psych, College of Psychologists of Ontario, 1993

PhD (Psychology), York University, 1992

MHK, University of Windsor, 1984

BHK (First Class Honours), University of Windsor, 1981

BA, University of Windsor, 1980 

Research Interests

Emotional recovery from sports concussion

Management guidelines for sport concussion

Psychology of physical injury in sport, performance and dance

Psychological issues related to hand injuries

Psychological impact of and recovery from dance and athletic injuries

Sport, performance, rehabilitation and health psychology

Perfectionism in performance

Qualitative methodology

Selected Publications

Recent Peer-reviewed Articles

Kaleigh Ferdinand Pennock, Braeden McKenzie, Laura McClemont Steacy & Lynda Mainwaring (2020) Under-reporting of sport-related concussions by adolescent athletes: a systematic review, International Review of Sport and Exercise Psychology

Ferdinand Pennock, Kaleigh & Tamminen, Katherine & Mainwaring, Lynda. (2019). Qualitative methods in concussion research. 

Senthinathan, A., Mainwaring, L., Hutchison, M. (2016). Heart rate variability of athletes across concussion recovery milestones: A Preliminary Study. Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine, 27(3), 288-295. 

Hutchison, M., Mainwaring, L., Senthinathan, A., Churchill, N., Thomas, S., Richards, D. (2016). Psychological and physiological markers of stress in concussed athletes across recovery milestones. Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation. 

Mainwaring, L. (2012). The Art and Science of Sport Concussion Management: Introduction to the Issue Two of the Special Series on Sports Concussion:  6(4), 307-308.

Mainwaring, L., Comper, P., Hutchison, M., & Richards, D., (2012).  Lessons Learned from Baseline and Post-Concussion Assessment Research. Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology, 6(4). 309-335.

Hutchison, M., Comper, P., Mainwaring, L. & Richards, D. (2012). Normative Data in a Sample of University Athletes using ANAM tests. Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology. 6(4), 336-350.

Mainwaring, L., & Trenerry, M. (2012). Introduction to the Special Issue on Sports Concussion:  Clinical Best Practices for Assessment and Management. 6(3), 203-206

Mainwaring, L, Comper, P., Hutchison, M., Richards, D. (2012). Examining Emotional Sequelae of Sport ConcussionClinical Journal of Sport Psychology Special Edition, 6(3), 247-274.

Comper, P., Hutchison, M., Mainwaring, L., Richards, D. (2012). A model of Best Practice for Managing Sports Concussion in Varsity Athletes: The University of Toronto Concussion ApproachClinical Journal of Sport Psychology Special Edition. 6(3), 231-246.

Comper, P., Hutchison, M., Magrys, S., Mainwaring, L., & Richards, D. (2010). Evaluating the methodological quality of sports neuropsychological concussion research: a systematic reviewBrain Injury, 42(11) 1257-1271. Henry Stonnington 2nd place award

Mainwaring, L., Hutchison, M., Bisschop, S., Comper, P., Richards, D. (2010) Athletes’ Emotional Response to Sport Concussion compared to ACL Injury. Brain Injury, 24(4) 589-597.

Mainwaring, L., & Krasnow, D. (2010). Teaching the dance class: Strategies to enhance skill acquisition, mastery and positive self-imageJODE, 10(1) 14-21.

Book Chapters

Mainwaring, L (2017). Psychological Factors and Sport Related Concussion. Ch. 27.  In R. Echemendia and G.L. Iverson. The Oxford Handbook of Sport-Related Concussion. New York: Oxford University Press

Mainwaring, L. (2011). Short – Term and Extended Emotional Correlates of Concussion. Ch. 14. In F. Webbe (ed.) Handbook of Sport Concussion. Springer.

Mainwaring, L. (2010) Ch. 8: Ending Therapeutic relationships. Invited chapter. In S. Hanrahhan & M. B. Anderson (Eds.) Handbook of Applied Sport Psychology. Oxon: Routledge

Supervised Theses


Ben Alavae (current), Social Support and Concussion Rehabilitation

Ryan McDonald: (current), The Experience of Sport Concussion in Varsity Athletes

Graham Tebbit (current), Concussion in Professional Sports

Jonathan Chan (2016),  Adaptive Perfectionism, Maladaptive Perfectionism, Perceived Stress and Risk of Concussion in Varsity Athletes

Sandhya Myabathula (2015), Pre-Injury Variables and Risk of Sport Concussion.

Arrani Senthinathan (2013), Physiological and Psychological Stress Markers in Concussed Athletes from Injury to Post-Return to Play

Laura McClemont (2013), To Tell or Not to Tell? An Exploration of Athletic Injury Reporting

Nicholas Snow (2013),  Cognitive Functioning in Varsity Athletes Following Musculoskeletal Injury

Elizabeth Byrne,  (2007), Physical Activity and Emotion Regulation: Walking to Regulate Experimentally Induced Negative Affect.

Michael Hutchison (2006), Emotional Response of Injured Varsity Athletes: Examination of Concussion and Musculoskeletal Injuries.

Elizabeth Vitullo (2003), The Development of the Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale for Athletes

Enid Headley (2004), Where Health Meets Illness: Health-Promoting Behaviours For Women with Fibromyalagia

Christine Provvidenza (2002),  The impact of Self-Directed Learning Imagery Package on the Imagery  Ability and Use of Junior Elite Skaters


Kaleigh Ferdinand-Pennock (current), Injury Reporting in Athletes

Laura McClemont (current),  Concussion in Synchronized Swimming

Sandhya Mylabathula (current), Sports Concussion and Education; Concussion Management

Tanya Berg (2016), Kinesthetic Collaboration:Exploring Kinesthetic Dialogue In An Embodied Student-Teacher Relationship

Vicki Kristman: (2007) Apoe Genotype And Concussion In Varsity Athletes: Can Genetics Predict Brain Injury? Graduate Department of Public Health Sciences

Shawna Wade (2000), The validity and reliability of a range of motion assessment of smile for children with facial palsy.

Professional Memberships

Ontario Psychological Association

College of Psychologists of Ontario

International Association of Dance Medicine and Science

American Psychological Association

Performing Arts Medicine Association