MiniSport/MultiSport (year round)

young kids learning to dance

More information about the Junior Blues program can be found at the following links:

Junior Blues policies including supervision requirements, age guidelines, facility access, refunds, transfers, receipts.

Junior Blues FAQs including information on waitlists, space availability and more.

Junior Blues information on how to register including registration forms for in-person and faxed registrations. To register for a U Can Move program online click on the learn more button below or, if you know the barcode go directly to the online registration system.

Igniting Fitness Possibilities

Grades 7 to 10

Igniting Fitness Possibilities (IFP) is designed to encourage a passion for physical activity in youth of all abilities. Youth will develop new activity skills, lead co-operative games and receive personalized mentorship to help them achieve their goals. Sign up with a friend and have some fun with us!

Junior Blues MiniSport Independent

Ages 4 TO 5

Run, jump and throw! These independent learners participate in a group setting to expand on locomotion, balance and object manipulation skills like rolling, throwing, and catching. 

Junior Blues MiniSport with Caregiver

Ages 18 months TO 3.5 years

Agility, balance and coordination are taught through fun and games. Active play for toddlers and preschoolers, with a caregiver enhances fitness and physical literacy.

Junior Blues MultiSport

Ages 6 TO 7

Children are building strength, endurance and speed through play. Catching, throwing, kicking and dribbling are critical object manipulation skills that will develop confidence in many different sports. Agility and locomotion skills are refined through fun games, drills and activities.